A sinister plot. A hero in hiding.
Day-drinking may be required.

Tilda Quickthatch doesn’t need more trouble. Hiding her true identity nearly as well as the top-shelf liquor, the retired halfling rogue keeps bar in a small-town tavern far from the necromancer who wants her dead. But when a misguided group of teenagers threatens to out her if she doesn’t train them to be adventurers, the legendary thief begrudgingly becomes mentor to wannabe heroes.

Saddled with a mischievous, half-elf ranger, a brawny orc dreaming of mastering arcane wizardry, and a stuck-up centaur with anger issues, Tilda struggles to whip her exasperating charges into shape. And when they attract the attention of her arch-nemesis, his undead horde, and a zombie dragon, our reluctant hero finds herself facing down a destiny whose timing couldn’t be worse.

Can Tilda prove that, when it comes to fighting evil, size doesn’t matter?

If you like witty banter, magical mayhem, and rooting for the little guy, then you’ll love Luna Ryder’s outrageous adventure.